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Unlimited Services can be broken down in to 8 different services we can provide to you our client.

We love and treasure our honey bees, we relocate the honey bees from unwanted areas to more peaceful and loving areas.

The rapid invasion of the European paper wasp and the German wasp or yellow jacket wasp has called for us to react before they completely take over the Western Cape, and we have by eliminating them and treating the areas to try and keep them from spreading.

Along with that we do general pest control, for residential and commercial properties.

Our company has teams that are all expertise in their field.

Gardening & Landscaping: Keeping residents and commercial property clean and tidy. We can remove on wanted plant, trees and rubble. If you would like your garden to be something different and out of this world we can make it happen.

Maintenance: building, repairs to buildings, tilling, security & safety, gate motors, garage motors, paining & pluming down to cleaning. Any maintenance you might need or something to be installed correctly.

Fire health and Safety: Supplying, advising and implementing service and cleaning of smoke vents.

Qualified Working at heights: supplying and erecting of scaffolding and working on high sites.

Lifting equipment: Supplying any lifting equipment you might need that will fit your budget. Load Testing: Do you need your current lifting equipment tested? We can test and supply Valid certificates where needed


Theuan Mostert

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